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by Megan Blakely

Books About Girls

Acclaimed Literature Concerning Teaching Girls:

Smart Girls: A New Psychology of Girls, Women, and Giftedness (Revised Edition) by Barbara A. Kerr (1994)

Gifted & Talented Females Speak Out On Parental Influences and Achievement! by Mary E. Henderson (2006)

Remarkable Women: Perspectives on Female Talent Development by Karen D. Arnold, Kathleen Dian Noble, and Rena Faye Subotnik (1995)

Work Left Undone: Choices and Compromises of Talented Females by Sally M. Reis (1998)

Teaching the Female Brain: How Girls Learn Math and Science by Abigail N. James (2009)

About Literature Concerning Teaching Gifted Girls:
There is a veritable wealth of literature about gifted girls and women--much of it focusing on how to combat the challenges facing gifted women in this day and age. The books listed above are some of the best books available and nearly all of them (and most of the other books in the following categories) can be found at the UGA library.

Books About Boys

Acclaimed Literature Concerning Teaching Boys:

Smart Boys: Talent, Manhood, and the Search for Meaning by Barbara A. Kerr (2001)

Helping Boys Succeed in School by Terry W. Neu and Rich Weinfeld (2006)

Teaching the Male Brain: How Boys Think, Feel, and Learn in School by Abigail N. James (2007)

The Minds of Boys: Saving Our Sons From Falling Behind in School and Life by Michael Gurian and Kathy Stevens (2005)

Teaching Boys: Developing Classroom Practices That Work by Amanda Keddie and Martin Mills (2008)

Raising Boys’ Achievement in Primary Schools by Molly Warrington and Mike Younger (2006)

Raising Boys’ Achievement in Secondary Schools by Molly Warrington and Mike Younger (2005)

About Literature Concerning Teaching Gifted Boys:
In general, literature about gifted girls is more readily available than literature about gifted boys. In fact, when it comes to gifted boys, there is practically no literature. Most literature focusing on the teaching of young boys is about how to help boys who are falling behind. Some of the books above fall more into this category, while others focus on the psychological development of boys and only the first few are more centered on gifted boys particularly.

Books About Girls and Boys

Acclaimed Literature Concerning Teaching Girls and Boys :

Boys and Girls Learn Differently!: A Guide for Teachers and Parents by Michael Gurian and Kathy Stevens (2010)

Getting it Right for Boys… and Girls by Colin Noble and Wendy Bradford (2000)

About Literature Concerning Teaching Gifted Girls and Boys:
I could find little in the way of literature about teaching specifically gifted boys and girls, but there is a wealth of literature about the psychological development of both boys and girls and how that effects the teaching of the genders. Both of the books above fall more into this category rather than specifically speaking to the teaching of gifted boys and girls.