By: Danielle O'Conner, April Smith, Ashley Jones, & Terri Thornton

All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent. – John F. Kennedy

Many gifted students who come from low socioeconomic backgrounds are at a disadvantage to be identified and placed in the gifted program. They often come to school without having had the learning opportunities such as daycare or preschool that upper or middle class children had. Once in school, these students go unidentified because they do not fit the typical teacher-pleasing stereotype, which often leads to a recommendation for gifted testing. Many times the tests are catered to higher-class students and therefore are hard to comprehend by the low-income student.

These gifted students should be treated the same way and have the same access to the gifted programming. This Wiki provides many different resources for thinking about, identifying, and adapting to ensure that these students are able to be successful both inside the classroom and out.
The video below discusses how The Human Development Foundation has created a program to help gifted students from a low-income area in California.